Explore our curated collection of leather goods and essentials, featuring prestigious brands like TUMI, Samsonite, Victorinox, LAMY, Pelikan, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and SECRID. Each brand offers a unique combination of style, quality, and functionality, perfect for the discerning customer. Elevate your everyday essentials with pieces that blend luxury with practicality, all at KAY DELUXE.

Backpacks & Messengers

Life moves quickly, and you have destinations to reach and tasks to accomplish. Rely on our backpacks and messengers for organization and ease. They're crafted for security, comfort, and durability, ensuring you're prepared for any day's journey.

Checked Luggage

Life often exceeds carry-on limits, prompting the creation of our luggage. Designed for functionality and easy airport navigation, these pieces withstand the rigors of travel from check-in to baggage claim.

Carry-On Bags

For unparalleled agility on global travels, trust our lightweight carry-on bags. Designed to align with major airlines' standards and exceed international travelers' needs, these carry-ons offer features and functions you'll soon deem essential.

Duffel Bags and Totes

These robust companions are prepped for your next move, whether it's daily use, travel, or commuting. Each offers functionality, ample space, and style for whatever your schedule demands.


Everyday essentials need a home that organizes and protects them. Our wallets offer a practical, stylish solution that fits easily in your pocket, ensuring everything has its place. With everything organized, you're prepared for anything.


In today's global business landscape, leaders must travel worldwide. Our briefcases are crafted to safeguard and organize your essentials, making travel smoother. Choose the perfect one, fill it with your crucial items, and embark on your journey.

Travel Essentials

Elevate your daily routine with a range of leather goods and accessories. These essentials are more than just accessories. They are reflections of your personal style and practical companions in your daily life.


Discover designer sunglasses from top brands like Saint Laurent, Gucci, Montblanc, and more in our shop. Our curated collection features styles that blend luxury with exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring you find the perfect pair to elevate your look. Explore our selection for your next standout accessory.

Writing Instruments

Discover limited edition writing instruments from renowned brands like Pelikan, Victorinox, Lamy, and others. Our selection highlights unique craftsmanship and design, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts seeking sophistication and rarity. Explore our exclusive collection to find your next treasure.

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